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Social Media Integrity: Forging ourselves a good name

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A few days ago I was reading Joel Comm: Where is the integrity in Internet Marketing and could not avoid reflecting on how important it is for human beings to show character, integrity and treat others the same way they desire themselves to be treated and considered. In this busy digital world where everybody is “connected” one way or the other using for the most of us three to five main social media platforms, it has become even more important to forge ourselves a solid reputation and communicate content instead of rubbish! I really mean rubbish and do not think we should clutter our beloved twitter followers’ Ipads or Iphones mailboxes with non-sense unless we are Hollywood stars sipping on a hot drink at the next door coffee shop corner. Relevancy and respect within the message we pass on will remain and as the bible admonishes us in Pro 22:1, seek for yourself a good name: “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold”. It becomes increasingly tedious in this digitally over-wired 21rst century information age to juggle around all the information we get and zero in on relevant content! Even Twits can be now automatically delivered to your Outlook mailbox by using Twinbox and there you have it: Countless daily twits roaring into your mailbox! Being selective becomes then mandatory; spammers, cheap marketers and internet fast lane fortune seekers will be avoided and revoked by intelligent and sensible people striving to bring contribution and content. I can only praise people like Jay Baer or Michael Stelzner, who bring input and show a deep and high degree of professionalism in what they take pride in doing. It is refreshing to know that some do care and want to serve and help their community before being concerned about making heaps of money. We all know bills have to be paid but greed and selfishness will not survive, short gain and fast acquired riches will not withstand the test of character and integrity. Social Media will sift them out. Patrons are not silly when the food they are served is not good enough they usually never return. Social Media savvy and adept digital-citizens prefer to be fed gourmet food with fine delicacy and tasty drinks. It has also to be affordable and bring results. Selecting whom to follow is important but pondering on who is following us is also a bit of a mirror showing us how we do come across in our ongoing “public media campaign”. The old proverb admonishes us that we do reap what we sow or scatter, some are spreading an awful lot of non-sense out there and yes I will join the ranks of leaders like Joel Comm, Jay Baer and Michael Stelzner in fostering quality and content because every single word we write remains and a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.