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How To Create RSS feeds From Your Favorite Twitter Hashtags and Tweeps

It is frustrating to see how Twitter safeguards its own ecosystem and paralyzes non-tech users like us by making it so awkward to create RSS feeds.  Twitter struck again at the end of October last year, by removing the atom feed from their services.  Is there a simple non-technical way around it?  Well it might be connected to a bit of extra work and tweaking, but it’s well worth putting the effort into it.
1. Identifying your Twitter #hashtags (keywords)
There is a fabulous tool called “What Hashtag” (freely given to us by a Spanish group of programmers) that does a reliable job at researching and selecting the most popular Twitter-hashtags.  Let’s say we are trying to find the proper Twitter-hashtags (and those are very specific) for ‘social business’.  In our ‘social business’ search we shall include the Boolean operator “quote” in order to single out the results for “social business” only:
You may notice that each word is hyperlinked to its corresponding Twitter-feed:  very handy indeed.   It is now easier to identify the community connected to the “#socbiz” word or Twitter hashtag.  A word of caution please:  run the search several times and update it on a regular basis because things change fast on the Twittosphere.
The second tool is presented to us by Dan Zarrella:  Tweetcharts goes one step further by giving us a full array of added information:  
– General statistics about links, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags
– Top words and most mentioned users
– Other corresponding hashtags, links and media (images and videos)
Before we start creating RSS feeds, we need to understand a bit about encoding.  The Albion Research Ltd. application “encodes or decodes a string using URL Encoding.  URL Encoding is used when placing text in a query string to avoid it being confused with the URL itself.  It is normally used when the browser sends form data to a web server.”  So here is an example for us to try: 
Plain Text:
Hey What’s the heck with social media? 
Encoded Text:
Albion Research LTD_01

Copy the following Twitter RSS string search:  “” and add any terms or name of your choice with the Boolean operators to your search: OR @Euan OR @hjarche OR @jonhusband OR @KateNasser OR @rashkenas OR @rhappe OR @rossdawson OR @tdebaillon OR @BrunoGebarski
Now paste this string into the website to obtain he following encoded feed: %20OR%20%40jonhusband%20OR%20%40KateNasser%20OR %20%40rashkenas%20OR%20%40rhappe%20OR%20 %40rossdawson%20OR%20%40tdebaillon%20OR %20%40BrunoGebarski

Remove unwanted spaces (due to blog formatting) and paste this final RSS feed into your reader, but first do not forget to replace the names, including mine, with the Tweeps of your choice!  Now you have your personalized twitter stream as an RSS feed with all the authors you wish to keep up with.  Easy and simple is not it?
Now it’s your turn: How do you keep up with your favorite Tweeps?  Any tools you would recommend?  Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.
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Get Real: Earn Every Follower You Have on Twitter: Earn Each and Every One of Them

I am still new to twitter with roughly 3200 followers and still learning to appreciate each and every single one of them! I block “riff-raff”, permissive stuff but particularly followers offering so many followers for a couple of dollars! Ladies and Gentlemen, I do not care what it takes to get followers on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook: JUST DO NOT DO IT!
I remember not too long ago Jon Jantsch @ducttape doing an experiment with the purchase of “fake followers” and having finally to manually un-follow every single one of them: Please do not sell your valuable name for a couple of dollars, it is absolutely not worth it!

I went through a short stretch where I was tempted: I admit it I was, considering the amount of followers some companies or accounts have, I was considering “taking short cuts” but I did not! I refused to do it the easy way: because each and every one of your followers has to be earned! Yes you are reading it right: every one of them has to be earned!

Imagine if suddenly you came to my account and saw 10.000 followers knowing that I am usually worth 3.000? What would you think: “for him -@brunogebarski- I am just a number”, he wants numbers not quality and I would most probably end up trading quality for quantity! I have fabulous mentors following me, and I started an excel table of my favorite ones. Depending on your interest, passion and priority lookup for specific twitter accounts and promote them! Please do yourself a favor and do promote others, do not worry about your count or how little followers you have: it takes time and effort for a twitter-stream to become a twitte-river don’t you think?

I tweet about Social Business: E20, content & social Marketing, Cloud computing, Social Media Strategy, and BYOD; there are plenty of fabulous people out there: use the proper tools to spot them! It is not difficult: spot the hash tags and look up Dan Zarella’s tool: it is a fabulous tool and it will get you up and running on what is happening on Twitter: Twitter is an extraordinary tool, use it wisely and appreciate the people you meet: avoid the rubbish and I really mean it: you will meet lots of rubbish, but concentrate on the 5% out there worth getting to know! Some of them are writers and contributors to fabulous magazines such as Forbes: I can only think of Meghan M. Biro: @meghanMBiro or Mark Fidelman: @markfidelman to name just a few! David F Carr @davidfcarr is a writer who brings a tremendous contribution to the topic of Enterprise 2.0 as well as Dion Hinchcliffe: @dhinchcliffe. Find out what topic you are interested in and locate your mentors and the leaders you can learn from and start promoting them: do not worry about yourself and apply the biblical principle: do unto others as you would love people to do unto you! This is one of the fundamental of “crowd sourcing” and learning humility because as the bible rightly states: before honour there is humility!

Be humble and earn one tweet at a time every one of your followers by bringing a valuable contribution to the Twitter forum and not by taking short cuts and purchasing fake followers for a couple of dollars: remember your name is so much more worth than 10 or 20 US$

10 Fundamental Ways to Transform Your SMB, Promote Innovation and Optimize Your Sales Results (Part 1)

Social media or not, Customer Service is what is being added to customers’ purchase before and after the sale has been executed! B2C retailers and B2B platforms should heavily reconsider rewarding both regular customers and brand faithfulness with additional perks and special privileges! Customer loyalty cards are already a given and let’s be frank we all know that most of those are not adding much value anyhow! It is now time to harness your creativity and develop a state of the art Social Business Marketing Enterprise!

1. Ratify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition and Unique Selling Passion) in order to focus the targeted customer audience your business will want to reach! The more precise the better! Brainstorm and debate: If you are still not sure about your USP make a turnover hit-list of your top 30 to 50 (or more depending on your business size) best customers and ask them personally to give you some input into what they would love your business to communicate about and sell! This will be a great way of getting them involved right from the start.

2. Your first piece of real estate should be your blog before even starting a website! Create one right away if you do not have one already and start communicating with your clients, prospects, visitors by posting relevant information around your USP relating to your audience, business and core values by publishing the following information:

  • Own and guest posted articles
  • Own videos (think of Gary Vaynerchuk’s creativity and audacity)
  • Videos uploaded on your site relating to your audience
  • Interviews, Podcasts and Webcasts on specific topics of interest
  • E-books, White papers, E-articles
  • Pictures, Recipes (if you are in the food business)
  • Featured articles linked to other sites (it will help SEO)

3. Refine your Social Media portfolio by making sure you have accounts in the following areas narrowing it down to 10-12 platforms at the most:

4. Create a digital company newsletter, which should include blog content with some specific items reserved to your exclusive circle of contacts and personally delivered to their mailbox always including a call to action! Consider making this letter custom made according to their preferences and interests by adding personal perks and offers.

5. Customer Content Marketing: Communication goes both ways: Reserve plenty of space for your visitors to upload the same sort of material your company is uploading:

  • Customer articles and / or links.
  • Give them the freedom to build their community on your website: it will dramatically increase your traffic!
  • Customer videos, personal videos even if not relating to your business (be personal and social and grant them the freedom to communicate)
  • Personal pictures, anecdotes they would like to share with their peers
  • Events customers want to share with your business and their community
  • Trust them first, in return they will start trusting your business

6. Read, listen and consider what your customers are sharing with your business on your blog / website; it will definitely help you fine tuning and adapt your blog-menu to your audience’s tastes, needs and expectations.

7. Make it simple and easy for visitors to sign up and upload any media content (picture, sound, video & text) and please drop this annoying “Captcha” by facilitating the signing up process with most popular media sites Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or YouTube.

8. Transform all your written collaterals by physically including your customers’ most relevant Social Media Icons

  • Ad your company’s blog & website link(s)
  • Ad Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest logos to all your printed collateral including business cards
  • Facebook, Twitter logos and links should automatically be printed on your cash register receipts with a call to action changing on a regular basis
  • Make your inside signs with your blog address, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest discretely visible on both physical and virtual shop.

9. If your business owns a physical shop give your customer the flexibility to sign up on site (with a touch screen computer) to your blog, Facebook Fan page or follow you on Twitter: Reward them on the spot with some free goodies and thank them with a smile.

10. Embrace mobile devices (Smart phones & Tablets) Please do your company a favor and organize smart phones for your sales and marketing people ASAP! It is not a toy it is a modern marketing tool you cannot afford not to have! Make also sure that the same web / blog content is readable on any platform and remember BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is not a buzz word anymore it is reality! Welcome to the 21st century “tradigital” business!

It is extremely important to keep up communicating with customers while delivering content in real-time! In future posts we shall review more items on how to make SMBs more competitive in this thriving mobile social media environment!

10 additional ways to create Twitter RSS feeds for your CMS or content curation needs (Part 2)

Generating RSS feeds from Twitter is for most of us a very important tool since we often strive to search and find specific real-time information, pictures, music, podcast or a combination of several by adding Boolean search terms! Thanks again to our Irish Twitter Friend Piers Dillon-Scott from whom these additional resources are based and summarized on thanks to Piers: @pdscott.
10. Picture Search via Twitter
a) Twitter search:!/search/realtime/new york OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS feed for your Reader
11. Picture search from a specific author
a) Twitter Search:!/search/realtime/nytimes OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS feed for your Reader

12. Twitter picture search from a specific user
a) Twitter Search:!/search/realtime/from%3Aphotojournalism
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS feed for your Reader
13. Advance Twitter Search for the latest videos being tweeted that mention Social Media or Content Marketing in YouTube, Vimeo &
a) Twitter Search:
1. Use the following string for realtime information:!/search/realtime/
2. Then adding: New Zealand,, and with the Boolean search parameters: AND or OR (Remember to capitalize those “TERMS”: and you will get the latest videos on New Zealand:!/search/realtime/Social
b) Turning Twitter Search for the latest videos in YouTube, Vimeo & Twitter search into RSS Feeds for your reader:
1. Use the following string including Boolean search with
2. New Zealand as a first search example (String confirmed and works)
3. Social Media Marketing as a second search example (String confirmed and works)
4) Social Media Campaign as a third search example (String confirmed and works)
14.  Searching Twitter for the latest videos being tweeted that mentions Brian Solis or Nike:
a) Twitter Search
Use the following string:!/search/realtime/ and add @BrianSolis or @Nike for example.
b) Turning the Twitter search for the latest videos being tweeted that mentions Brian Solis or Nike into a RSS Feed:
15.  Searching Twitter for the latest videos being tweeted from a specific Twitter Account:
a) Twitter Search string!/search/realtime/from:@Sony OR OR
b) Transforming the Twitter Search string into an: RSS Feed:
16. Combining Media (Pictures & Videos)
a) Twitter Search:!/search/realtime/olympics OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twittesearch into a RSS Feed:
17.  Searching Twitter for the latest podcasts, songs and music sound files on Twitter:
a) Twitter Search:!/search/Lalo Schifrin OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS Feed for your reader:
18.  Searching Twitter for the latest podcasts, songs and music sound files from a specific person: 
a) Twitter Search:!/search/officialadele OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS Feed:
19.  Searching Twitter for the latest podcasts, songs and music sound files from a specific person: 
a) Twitter Search:!/search/from:@sonymusicglobal OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR OR
b) Turning the Twitter search into an RSS Feed:

9 ways to create Twitter RSS feeds for your CMS and content curation needs (Part 1)

Twitter in Real Life: The Follow Back

Twitter in Real Life: The Follow Back (Photo credit: HubSpot)

Generating RSS feeds from Twitter is for most of us a very important tool since when we strive to search and find specific real time information or follow favorites or lists of people with whom we want to keep up with. Unfortunately Twitter has implemented changes and removed visible RSS subscription feed buttons from its lay out! Fortunately there are ways around it and I hope you will find this post helpful! Thanks to our Irish Twitter colleague Piers Dillon-Scott from whom this summary is based on so thanks to Piers for the hard work he did last year: @pdscott. I am still so thrilled about this information that I thought I would rewrite it and make it even easier to follow and use since it does get a bit tricky and intricate at times! I do hope it helps you as much as it has helped me! If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write back. 
 1.     Generating an RSS FEED from a Twitter list:
Use the following RSS String for your new RSS Twitter List string:
a)     Replace AUTHOR with the name of the author of the list (@brunogebarski) without the @sign (brunogebarski); Remember: the list you discover with a particular account does not necessarily belongs to that account.
b)     Replace TWITTER-LIST with the name of the list; if the list’s name is made of several words such as “French Sauvignon Blanc vs NZ” then replace the spaces with a hyphen: “French-Sauvignon-Blanc-vs-NZ”.
c)     Let’s say you want to generate a Twitter RSS Feed from the following list: SMMmagazineTopAuthors by Chris Herbert: @B2Bspecialist of Mi6; this will be the RSS Feed string:, which will become:  /statuses.atomVoilà you are done!!
By the way, any of those feeds needs first to be copied and then inserted into your reader under “new subscription”! I personally use the Google Reader because I find it the easiest! 
2.     Generating an RSS FEED from a single Twitter account:
a)     You first need to find out the ID number of the particular Twitter Account at: My ID (@BrunoGebarski) is: 49569360.
b)     Use the following string:
c)     Replace ID-Number and this could be the string if you decided to keep up with my twits:! Voilà, you are done!
 3.     Generating an RSS FEED from a single word:
a)     Use the following string:
b)     Add the particular word at the end of the string such as:’s it you are done again!
 4.     Generating an RSS FEED from a string of words:
a)     Use the followng string:
b)     Usually spaces and characters will have to be URL encoded first at:
c)     French Recipes (without hyphens for this search) URL encoded will become: French%20Recipes. “space” = “%20” URL encoded:
d)     Should you write it with hyphen it will then remain: French-          Recipes:
e)      “French Recipes” (with quotation marks) will then become: %22French%20Recipes%22:
‘”’ = “%22” and “space” = “%20” URL encoded.
 5.     Generating an RSS FEED Search for a Twitter #tag word or @account:
a)  Again use the following string:
b)  Add the URL translated words starting with ‘#’ or ‘@’  after getting the word translated at:
c)    @brunogebarski will then become: %40brunogebarski: “@” = “%40” URL encoded:
d)   #branding will then become: %23branding: “#” = “%23” URL encoded:
 6.     Generating additional RSS FEEDS from:  
a)   Tweets containing the word: “France”:
b)   Tweets: “from:brunogebarski”:  “:” in URL Encoded is: “%3A” (without hyphens of course) (
c)    Tweets: “to:brunogebarski”:
d)   Tweets referencing: “@brunogebarski”: “@” = “%40” URL encoded.
e)   Tweets containing a hash-tag: “#SCRM”: “#” = “%23” URL encoded.
f)    Tweets containing several parameters such as: movie+ :), “space” and “:)” URL encoded: “%3A” and “%29”:
 7.     Generating an RSS FEED from a specific geographical location and a #key twitter word
We want to find out within 100km around Chichester Manuka Wholefoods in the UK all the people twitting about: “#health” (with the hash tag but without quotation marks).
b)   We first need to find out Manuka Wholefoods coordinates (latitude & Longitude) at:
c)    We get now the coordinates (latitude & longitude) of the above address in Chichester (UK): “50.7317166,-0.788917” (without quotation marks but separated by a comma)
d)   URL is composed of:
e)   First coordinate: “50.7317166”
f)    A first comma: URL encoded = “%2C” between the two coordinates
g)   Second coordinate: “-0.788917”
h)   A second comma: URL encoded = “%2C” between second coordinate and distance
i)    We will settle for “100km” around Chichester to minimize the search or ”mi”, if you prefer miles instead of kilometers.
j)    A third comma: URL encoded = “%2C” between the distance and the “#tag”: “#health” (with the hash key but without the quotation marks of course):
8.     Generating an RSS FEED from a specific geographical location combined with a key word
a)     We will take our location in Chichester again at: “50.7317166,-0.788917” (without quotation marks but separated by a comma)
b)     We will use then the standard search parameters and a “space” = “%20” URL encoded after the key word “health”
9.     Generating an RSS FEED from a specific geographical location combined with a key word and Boolean operators (AND / OR / NOT)
Let’s say we want to generate a feed for all the Twitts taking place now, in Chichester within 25 miles with the word Health but without cancer:
a)   We will retain our Chichester location at: “50.7317166,-0.788917” (without quotation marks but separated by a comma)
b)    We will then add he word “health” to the standard search parameters and a “space” = “%20” URL encoded following the word “health”
c)    After the word “health comes a “space” = “&20” URL encoded
d)    We add a Boolean search restriction for “NOT cancer” or –cancer: URL encoded –cancer
e)    After the word –cancer comes a “space” = “%20” URL encoded  
f)     Type in: geocode:50.7317166,-0.788917,25mi (comma and the distance in miles here)Voila you are done:,-0.788917,25mi
If you have any additional comments or suggestion please let me know so I will complete and update this post on a continual basis: thank you for stopping by and enjoy a more focused use of your Twitter connection or Twitter search: happy Twitting and Twittsearching! @brunogebarski

Blenging Traditional & Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

I am presently working on what I would like to coin a “tradigital” marketing plan for a UK retailer and the need to diversify their streams of income.  As we look at all the digital venues and the buffet of social media sites available, we “adopted-digital” grown up citizens cannot help but get dizzy as we observe, learn and try to settle in.  Almost antiquated are the days when business people were passing around their cards and politely reading names and titles as our Japanese counterparts respectfully do! Today modern managers exchange Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook addresses from one PIM to an Iphone and all this wirelessly! Today we cruise around the Twittosphere exchanging blog addresses! Do check for additional Twitter vocabulary in the Twictionary but beware of bulltwitting your fellow twitter at a twebinar! The digital changes taking place at the eve of 2011 are simply mind-boggling and almost frightening. I was mentioning to a close friend of mine that our present world and its real time information overflow and noise could possibly be compared to the Tower of Babel times as described by Flavius Josephus in a hubristic -arrogant- act of defiance against God ordered by the egotistical tyrant Nimrod! Today’s Internet real information flood defies our human comprehension, adaptability and shakes the marketing strategies of the smallest to the largest companies! It creates opportunities we do not fully grasp and yet challenges all of us. Prospects and customers are not to be “sprayed and prayed for” anymore with all sorts of company collaterals.  Internet forbids! The socialnomic cloud made up of micro-blogging, blogging, home-paging, social networking & social bookmarking makes it more complex than ever to pin-point the right strategy for the right market.  In their successful attempt to give a solid social media overview Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger coin this digital epic in their book: “Sociable” as “turning Sales and Marketing Upside-Down!  Distinguishing the noise from the information our customers give us has become crucially important and vital since he or she at the end will decide, which channel to use. Defining social media ROI is not impossible but rapidly changing and constantly challenging. Companies are forced to review, rethink, adapt and reconsider their customer pledge and become more service oriented than ever! Over are the days when call-centre agents could impolitely dismiss customer claims.   (  United Airline to this day suffers from ignoring David’s claim for breaking his guitar! His “United custom made written song” has been viewed 9,629,619 times and the airline recorded a 10% dip in their sales as it started streaming on YouTube! Ups…. Socialnomics at its best or at its worst!  Management should have invested the money otherwise!  Social media opportunities are endless and anyone can upload the video of his or her choice and express their feelings for or against a particular service or product.  Socialnomics are here to stay and for a long time to come, may we learn to provide, serve and consider our customers as the most important part of our business deals whatever those may be.  Please Follow me on at: