Vision 2021 pro actively assists your company with the primary goal to double your turnover within five years while addressing these core business competencies:

  • Develop a Social Enterprise 2.0 business culture while hiring first for passion and second for skills
  • Enhance traditional outbound marketing with a 21st century Content (Inbound) Marketing Strategy
  • Create a Social Media Strategy while establishing first a genuine company culture
  • Introduce a Mobile Strategy because consumerization of IT and BYOD / BYOT are here to stay
  • Implement Cloud Computing while pioneering workplace virtualization and prescriptive Business Intelligence

Social Enterprise 2.0, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Mobile Technology and Cloud Computing

  • Introduce a social business 2.0 culture and redefine USP and actual business goals
  • Create a content marketing strategy and enhance the traditional outbound marketing philosophy
  • Roll out a social media strategy with a tailor made social media plan including ROMI measuring tools
  • Choose and integrate private, public or hybrid cloud computing considering all IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and BPaaS, platforms: include workplace virtualization, Big Data and prescriptive Business Intelligence considerations
  • Build up mobile computing technology and roll out a MDM / MAM strategy with its respective BYOD plan

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