3 Ways to Promote Your Employee Engagement and Increase Your Social Business Enterprise 2.0 Productivity

In an insightful TED presentation “Liberate your company”, Isaac Getz highlights  employees’ engagement as one of the most significant attributes a company workforce must display in order for business competitiveness to flourish. Leaders and entrepreneurs should ask themselves and their entourage, “what percentage of our workforce is actually showing up smiling every morning and looking forward to their job environment?”

According to Isaac Getz’s findings, 27% of workers are engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs. 59% are not engaged and basically trading work time for a paycheck. The most dramatic findings are the remaining 14% who actively resist and sabotage the work of the 27% who are engaged. Imagine for a moment a boat with 8 rowers and one of them is literally stroking in the opposite direction! What would you think? As you are reading these lines it is highly possible that in your very own company, right now, “black sheep” are rowing in the opposite direction. “Black sheep” are to be found at all levels of your organization, disengaging, stone walling and criticizing the work of highly motivated employees.  Honestly, I do not care how good these folks are or how much it would cost to fire them, but do your business a huge favor and get rid of them. Make room for great attitude and enthusiasm, trendsetters, visionaries and motivated employees!

1. Liberate your employees by creating a unique culture and working environment

Employee’s engagement will never be implemented by any management program. Personnel engagement is the result of a work force’s attitude and emotional reaction vis-à-vis its working environment, company culture and leadership style. Forget the useless annual surveys. Instead, ask your company employees, on a one-to-one basis, what their specific needs are. Particularly insist on what would motivate them to do a better job and what should be the ideal environment to promote their agility and creativity.

2. Co-create job descriptions with individual custom-tailored goals

After HR has defined and communicated employees’ job descriptions and established regular evaluation feedback, management should revive co-workers’ motivation by promoting team members’ ideas and initiatives.  This should automatically promote a “co-creative” work philosophy, clarify common goals and priorities, and personalize the traditional hierarchical to-do-list approach. Google has a policy that encourages employees to spend 80% of their time on core responsibilities and 20% on activities they are passionate about or interested in. Google positively energizes creativity, new product development and overall company performance. Don’t engaged employees mean healthier work ethics, better culture and bigger profits for company shareholders?

3. Respect your workforce and treat them like gold

Treat employees as the frontline customer force; create a positive work environment and get your workforce excited about coming to work every morning.  Energize them with a well defined company vision, mission and purpose. Give them the recognition they deserve and observe their passion and engagement grow. “Liberate your workforce” says Sophie Peters in her Tribune Hebdo article, and remember your workforce represents the core of your brand’s ambassadors. Give them validation and observe how “employee experience” will automatically pave the way to positive customer service, customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction.  Did you know that the bulk of Zappos’ business is with repeat customers? 70-75% of purchases come from returning customers. Those returning customers order about 2.5 times more than a new customer. Don’t you think this is a fantastic return on Zappos’ employee investment?

Show pro-active leadership and grant your employees the required space for them to research (Google example) and create. Delegate, learn to trust their judgment and abilities while regularly asking them what their needs are. Allow them room to critique  and remember to remain “S.O.C.I.A.L.”: sincere, open, collaborative, interested, authentic and likeable.

How does your company promote employee engagement and how far are you on your social business journey? What are some of the biggest challenges you are facing? Let us know and we will include your ideas in upcoming posts.

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