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7 Mobility Trends Developments That Are Radically Transforming Our World As Never Before

Yesterday I strolled back from a local drugstore here in the middle of Hamburg, which was obviously closed (I forgot that I was in Germany and  already 8PM!) and on the way back briefly stopped at the (closed) Vodaphone store.  I carefully looked at all the handheld devices on display and could not help noticing that each one of them had a touch screen! No sign of Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry, who’s missed the boat and most likely en route towards a cloudy blurry future, thus an irony when we consider that Push Email technology is theirs as far as the business community (except the Asian one) is concerned!  Mobility, agility, reach ability are overtaking both our privacy and our business lives while smartphones touch screens are sweeping away traditional cell phone keypads. According Nielsen almost half (49,6%) of US mobile subscribes now own smartphones as of February 2012. 

1. Mobile Data Explosion

“Mobile phone users will, in 2016, on average consume 6.5 times as much video, over eight times as much music and social media, and nearly 10 times as much games as in 2011” according to the latest forecasts from Informa Telecoms & Media and “over the next five years, e data traffic will grow from 3.89 trillion megabytes in 2011 to 39.75 trillion megabytes in 2016 – a tenfold increase – while mobile data revenues will nearly double from $325.8 billion to $627.5 billion during the same period”. These market trends completely show the mobile shift our society is going through:

2. Mobile Commerce (mcommerce)

After launching their competitive mobile payment system against Square, PayPal is expecting mobile to account for $7 billion in processing volume in 2012 while Square plans to process $5 billion in annual transactions this year already! Competition is thriving: RedFin offers a cloud based mobile payment with its PocketPOS platform and no Square or PayPal dongles of any square or triangle shapes! Meanwhile Apple “iWallet” is more than a WIP (work in progress) and soon to be headed towards its iPhone! Not convinced yet, read on: Mobile content ad sales are expected to hit $67 billion in 2012. Mobile payment startup Chirpify just got a $1,3 million investment!  I will not address NFC because manufacturers have failed thus far to give users a straight up strategy but this trend is definitely here to stay.

3. HTML5

HTML5 & 4G are definitely coming to town, a “must” as French Cartier would say and here to revamp the way we mobile shop or indulge ourselves in mcommerce! Chantal Tode reports that Yamaha recorded a 300% jump in mobile traffic with HTML5-based sites: “The recreational vehicle manufacturer wanted to create a unique mobile experience… The company settled on creating two HTML5-based mobile sites to showcase products in an innovative way that would mirror the brand’s own high-quality engineering and reach the broadest audience possible”.

4. Mobile e-mail

Email Mobility is pushing ahead from 354 million mobile users in 2009 to 713 million in 2014, which is a significant shift when businesses consider using this other platform to insure customer communication while securing their e-addresses and brand advocacy!

5. BYOD turning into BYO3 and BYODT (Bring your own device(s) / Desktop)

BYOD is a key trend affecting the wireless LAN market says Chris DePuy an Dell’Oro Group analyst. Quote from eWEEK’s BYOD Trend Pressures Corporate Networks: “According to Cisco Systems’ annual Visual Networking Index Forecast released in June, by 2015, there will be almost 15 billion network-connected devices—including smartphones, notebooks, tablets and other smart machines—more than two for every person on the planet. By 2015, the average U.S. citizen will have seven connected devices”. BYOD and its consumerization is turning into BYO3 because there is more than 1 device and BYODT (Bring Your Own Desktop) thanks to virtualization technologies and cloud computing.  We are now way beyond BYOD, inundated with tablets (Ipads mostly) smart phones and a mobile generation already digesting 1/3 of all video content on their mobile devices! BYODs are “threatening” IT who is hopefully going through a process of positive reconstruction while opening Big Data to both mobile CXO and company employees!  

7. Location based services (LBS)

A recent study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that “around 74% of smartphone users use location-based services (LBS) to find out information about what’s around them. In addition, one in five (18%) are checking in to local businesses”.  “Smartphone adoption has grown from 35% in 2011 to 46% in 2012, bringing with it more access to location-based apps and services. The amount of consumers who “check in” to certain places via geo-social services has reached 18%, up from 12% in 2011”. LBS is a great way to bind customers while adding loyalty programs to the regular “checking in” venues and services of their choice.  Soon we shall all communicate with a local based array of private and business contacts thanks to ambiance Social Networking.

8. Ambient Social Networking

One of Austin’s 2012 SXSW buzzes words Ambient Social Networking instead of connecting people to places such as Foursquare or Pinwheel connects people to people in real-time with companies such as. Highlight, Sonar, Glancee,  Gindr , Banjo or Discover Circle:

We will look in the coming days at other ways mobile media is affecting the work force and will also take a closer look at BYOD, because it is already a private and business phenomenon revolutionizing the work place like never before!