10 ways to transform your USP: Unique-Selling-Proposition into your Unique-Selling-Passion

While attending an excellent course here in Hamburg on how to create successful business plans and brushing up on the latest, I am amazed at how lightly attendees take the program: showing up late, leaving early, skipping classes and most likely missing the point all together on the message delivered! Where is their purpose? Where is their passion? Why did they sign up? Why bother? Do you bother? Do I bother? What’s their “MO” (modus operandi)?

Tonight someone close to me mentioned having an early start tomorrow morning because of a USP meeting! Wow did I think: that’s brilliant and realizing again that for many businesses, it is one of the most painful exercises ever! I cannot help thinking of all the unique USPs out there such as Pizza Domino: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.” ! Is your USP your MO? Is my USP my MO? So here we go without further ado: 10 ways to transform your small or large business USP and become more passionate about what you are doing / selling!

  1. Change the generic term of USP Unique Selling Proposition into UNIQUE SELLING PASSION
  2. Seriously brainstorm and write down your passion (15 – 20 words); memorize it, dream and read about it!
  3. Create updated and curated information about your passion from RSS feeds (see my series of three articles on how to create RSS feeds on this blog)
  4. Embrace your passion, get excited about it, dream about it, sleep with your passion and get up at the crack of dawn in order to pursue YOUR PASSION!
  5. Write about your passion on your blog! Do you have a blog? If you do not have a blog yet start one ASAP and write! I do not care how painful it is and believe me it is going to be painful because it is just like jogging or excising, we all know we “ought to be doing it”! Do it! Let it hurt! Make a commitment to your passion and write about it and get used to the hurt of blogging!
  6. Communicate your passion (on Twitter with hash-tag words) on your social media platforms and I guaranty you that you will build up a crowd of enthusiastic followers! Think of it as a niche of very special friends, whom you want to serve well! Honor them by twitting relevant stuff about your passion and be genuine! Serve gourmet tips and advises and you shall reap benefits in due time! Be altruistic! Give do not trade! Did you get that: GIVE do NOT trade!
  7. Divide your Unique Selling Passion into categories of products / services and assign them to your team members according their personal love and passion! I could not genuinely sell vegan in a health food shop but would excel in the wine, cheese and foie gras area!
  8. When Passion has been “divided” accordingly call on those specific team-members to attend customers (both off and online): I guarantee your company will significantly increase sales and profit!
  9. Passion sells: Kevin Onarecker (@KOnarecker) from his article: “Sell with Passion”: “Passion sells. Passion creates interest, excitement and anticipation. When we meet a sales professional who communicates with passion and conviction we are moved to action. We like that sales person… we respond to that sales person. AND we want to buy! When people buy, they buy three things: your product, your company and YOU.”
  10. Please do yourself a favor: Ratify your Unique Selling Proposition / Passion NOW!  Do not delay it! Do NOT procrastinate! Brainstorm with company management ASAP and write it down! WRITE IT DOWN! It is the best thing you will have ever done in order to manage and focus your business! I promise everything will be much easier to organize and manage

Let me know how you are doing with your USP and post any ideas or comments about articles, achievements or progress you are making and remember to be PASSIONATE about what you are writing or doing! To your passion!


One response to “10 ways to transform your USP: Unique-Selling-Proposition into your Unique-Selling-Passion

  1. Hello Bruno, thanks for sharing Kevin Onarecker’s excellent article and for the collection of other links on this topic!

    Linda Hertz

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