5 Key Responsibilities of the 21st Century CIO

Today’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) is the trendsetter and business pacemaker among the new 21st century generation of business leaders and innovators:
A) He provides and supervises the vision, purpose & transformation of a corporation.
B) He increases turnover and reduces costs.
CIO’s Vision and “Super-Vision” will have to encompass 5 key areas:
1. Establish and promote a social culture.
2. Establish a social media strategy with the appropriate measuring tools.
3. Transform outbound-marketing into content- or inbound-marketing.
4. Move (part of) IT to the cloud & address data security pressing issues.
5. Embrace Mobile Technology and IT consumerization.
In the complexity of our connected world the CIO’s challenges are growing on a daily basis! Keeping up and learning from CX (Customer Experience) Giants such as Amazon.com (“The key to Amazon’s and Founder Jeff Bezos’ success lies in the personalized customer experiences”), IBM, Zappos or Marketing phenomenon Coca-Cola to name just a few can be quite a daunting task!
The modern CIO has not only to diversify but also learn new technologies and media platforms! Just think of Pinterest that just reached 17,8 Mio. Users within 10 months only: The fastest growing social media platform ever.

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