VI Canis Majoris vs. our human quest for modern technology

An American friend of mine pointed out recently some fascinating material and facts about to date the largest star that has been discovered in our universe: VI Canis Majoris, a giant monster star gracing the sky of our universe. If planet earth were to be the size of a golf ball VI Canis Majoris would then be in comparison the size of Mount Everest pushing the limits of our physical sky to a mere six miles height!  We could cover then the whole state of Texas with twenty two inches of golf balls or fit the planet earth seven quadrillion times into VI Canis Majoris possessing a diameter of about 2.800.000.000 km! Numbers, which are for our limited human mind quite difficult if not impossible to grasp or even appreciate.  In our own and “earthy” communication ways limited physical human beings are forced to adjust and adapt to universe distances within light years! I do  struggle with quadrillion figures and to tell you the truth cannot even start to comprehend what it represents! As I checked “how long ago” quadrillion seconds is I discovered the following number: thirty one million seven hundred nine thousand seven hundred ninety two (31,709,792) years ago. That’s hard to grasp or comprehend and the latest double discovery stunned me even more as astronomers observe most distant galaxy cluster… and it’s at the earliest stage of development yet seen. The proto-cluster – Cosmos-Aztec3 – is roughly 12.6 billion light-years away from planet earth.

Twitter, PCs, Windows, Android, Facebook, Social media and the most modern technologies dwindle, disappear and vanish away in a stage of non existence compared to the majesty and awesomeness of our universe. Did you know that planet earth could be fitted one million time in our sun star? Did you know it takes around 8 minutes for the sun light to reach planet earth and cover the 93 million miles separating it from our earth?

And yes technology as we know it is quite awesome and bouncing billions of daily emails back and forth is impressive but how much more is there in store for us? How much more technology are we going to develop? Who could even live long enough to circle Canis Majores in an aircraft flying at 900 km/hour since it would take 1.100 years! The endlessness and awesomeness of our universe as well as the creative physical power we have been given fascinates me and I have only been living 50 years! I marvel in awe and wonder at what is ahead? One upcoming billion people on FB? Not much compared to billions of light years traveling through our universe before finally reaching planet earth! Life is just a vapor, insignificant and humility overwhelms me when I reflect on the vastness of the creation surrounding us! Who am I to counsel and advise? Who am I to demand and judge? Human arrogance vanishes away and respect of others should sink in after reading such statistics! Humans ought to realize that our little planet earth is only part of a much greater purpose in store for us spiritually, emotionally and physically!  May we learn and grow to appreciate not only technology but also the mind boggling state and purpose of our endless universe… Follow me on Twitter at

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