Blenging Traditional & Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

I am presently working on what I would like to coin a “tradigital” marketing plan for a UK retailer and the need to diversify their streams of income.  As we look at all the digital venues and the buffet of social media sites available, we “adopted-digital” grown up citizens cannot help but get dizzy as we observe, learn and try to settle in.  Almost antiquated are the days when business people were passing around their cards and politely reading names and titles as our Japanese counterparts respectfully do! Today modern managers exchange Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook addresses from one PIM to an Iphone and all this wirelessly! Today we cruise around the Twittosphere exchanging blog addresses! Do check for additional Twitter vocabulary in the Twictionary but beware of bulltwitting your fellow twitter at a twebinar! The digital changes taking place at the eve of 2011 are simply mind-boggling and almost frightening. I was mentioning to a close friend of mine that our present world and its real time information overflow and noise could possibly be compared to the Tower of Babel times as described by Flavius Josephus in a hubristic -arrogant- act of defiance against God ordered by the egotistical tyrant Nimrod! Today’s Internet real information flood defies our human comprehension, adaptability and shakes the marketing strategies of the smallest to the largest companies! It creates opportunities we do not fully grasp and yet challenges all of us. Prospects and customers are not to be “sprayed and prayed for” anymore with all sorts of company collaterals.  Internet forbids! The socialnomic cloud made up of micro-blogging, blogging, home-paging, social networking & social bookmarking makes it more complex than ever to pin-point the right strategy for the right market.  In their successful attempt to give a solid social media overview Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger coin this digital epic in their book: “Sociable” as “turning Sales and Marketing Upside-Down!  Distinguishing the noise from the information our customers give us has become crucially important and vital since he or she at the end will decide, which channel to use. Defining social media ROI is not impossible but rapidly changing and constantly challenging. Companies are forced to review, rethink, adapt and reconsider their customer pledge and become more service oriented than ever! Over are the days when call-centre agents could impolitely dismiss customer claims.   (  United Airline to this day suffers from ignoring David’s claim for breaking his guitar! His “United custom made written song” has been viewed 9,629,619 times and the airline recorded a 10% dip in their sales as it started streaming on YouTube! Ups…. Socialnomics at its best or at its worst!  Management should have invested the money otherwise!  Social media opportunities are endless and anyone can upload the video of his or her choice and express their feelings for or against a particular service or product.  Socialnomics are here to stay and for a long time to come, may we learn to provide, serve and consider our customers as the most important part of our business deals whatever those may be.  Please Follow me on at:




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